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1x0 – The Terrible Secret of Turtle Bay

Dr. Venture, his teen sons Hank and Dean, and their bodyguard Brock head to New York to unveil Dr. Venture's new invention. They are pursued by a ninja intent on acquiring the device.

Jtcjd7flgyyiwvbshro2izcjtes 1x1 – Dia de los Dangerous

Dr. Venture and family are in Mexico where the boys get kidnapped by the Monarch's Henchmen. Brock goes on a rampage to get them back and Dr. Venture loses both his kidneys and wakes up in a bathtub of ice.

Kdzlqwdtxufrwjarmthdht3d3ak 1x2 – Careers in Science

Dubbed the Ninth Wonder of the World, Jonas Venture's space station, Gargantua 1, has developed a problem, and it's up to Dr. Thaddeus Venture to fix his father's creation. But could the station be haunted by vengeful ghost?

Cgj67amwsxqilycggmckyplp7uy 1x3 – Home Insecurity

Brock goes on a wilderness retreat, and gets more than he bargained for when he encounters the Army searching for something. Meanwhile, the Venture family retreats to the panic room when the forces of both The Monarch and Baron Ünderbheit attack.

J3ci6akbsoee5fdkrpjtc9po2fj 1x4 – The Incredible Mr. Brisby

Dr. Venture takes the X1 to "Brisbyland" for a meeting with the theme park owner Roy Brisby. But the boys get kidnapped by the "Orange County Liberation Front" and Brock and his former lover and secret agent Molotov Cocktease mount a rescue.

Vxmzcqbbn5zattnt569wtiymswl 1x5 – Eeney, Meeney, Miney... Magic!

The boys discover a dangerous pod in the lab that projects your fantasies, thus trapping you inside. Dr. Byron Orpheus is introduced as well as his daughter, Trianna, whom Dean becomes enamored with immediately.

Xxdyyfvg9paidmx2wxxk7eitz1m 1x6 – Ghosts of the Sargasso

Dr. Venture and family encounter Ghost Pirates while trying to recover an old crashed aircraft made by Dr. Jonas Venture decades earlier.

4wwb1yzhiulnzsclimdqryolbbd 1x7 – Ice Station Impossible

Pete White, Master Billy Quizboy, and Dr. Venture are recruited by their old college professor, Dr. Richard Impossible, to work for him doing super-science at his remote arctic lab. But when Hank is infected by one of Dr. Impossible's old serums, Brock must race to locate the lab and save Hank's life.

Sd0zmxmhijzfghcho8ecbaxgpcw 1x8 – Mid-Life Chrysalis

While trying to re-live his younger days with "the ladies", Dr. Venture is seduced by Dr. Girlfriend in disguise as part of a Monarch evil plan. Brock learns he has to renew his license to kill.

Nnoi2mexygimcc7jlk48w6ocq4v 1x9 – Are You There God, It's Me, Dean

While Brock and Hank are held hostage by The Monarch, Master Billy Quiz-Boy and Pete White are called in to help diagnose a mysterious painful illness afflicting Dean.

6rmfh3iw8yunep53woseyzg1epn 1x10 – Tag-Sale: You're It!

To raise much-needed cash, Dr. Venture holds a yard sale for his father's old, unwanted super-science equipment and inventions. Brock and other agents from the Office of Secret Intelligence maintain security as many of Venture's arch-nemeses attend, but The Monarch has other plans.

Hdq6dzjgo4rbwdwrgkzwk3jvdex 1x11 – Past Tense

Hank and Dean learn about Brock and Dr. Venture's early days as they attend a funeral for Mike Sorayama, an old college buddy they used to tease. But the funeral proves to be a ruse by Sorayama to exact revenge for their torment.

8nrgdfcimi47o31ims3iaecpbn6 1x12 – The Trial of the Monarch

The Monarch finds himself on trial for a murder, but it soon becomes clear that the "Guild of Calamitous Intent" may be behind the whole thing.

Aonec3btyzjoqa43pdsklzimx7e 1x13 – Return to Spider-Skull Island

While Hank and Dean run away from home to seek their independence, an old enemy of Dr. Venture's, long thought destroyed, returns seeking vengeance.

1x14 – A Very Venture Christmas

It's Christmas and the Ventures are having their annual party. But the festivities are interrupted by the Dean who accidentally summons a Christmas demon, and the Monarch who plans to blow up the Venture home.

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